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NSC issued Open Letter White Paper re Distracted Driving

"In January 2004, at 4:00 p.m., in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a 20-year-old woman ran a red light while talking on a cell phone. The driver’s vehicle slammed into another vehicle crossing with the green light directly in front of her. The vehicle she hit was not the first car through the intersection, it was the third or fourth. The police investigation determined he driver never touched her brakes and was traveling 48 mph when she hit the other vehicle. The crash cost the life of a 12-year-old boy. Witnesses told investigators that the driver was not looking down, not dialing the phone, or texting. She was observed looking straight out the windshield talking on her cell phone as she sped past four cars and a school bus stopped in the other south bound lane of traffic. Researchers have called this crash a classic case of inattention blindness caused by the cognitive distraction of a cell phone conversation."

Website for setting a GM Tahoe truck parking brake.

In the News

New York Times Article on Cell Phone Locking Software

"The statistics on distracted driving are pretty scary. Just making cellphone calls increases your chances of crashing by four times; sending //text messages// increases the risk 23 times."


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